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Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to learn more about us and our mission! We are Scott and Bethany Weberpal, a husband and wife team from Janesville, WI. Our journey with grief started earlier than most. As a young mom with two little boys, Bethany was widowed after her husband died by suicide. After his death, Scott and Bethany met and formed an unbreakable bond. About a year and a half after meeting, Scott’s son, a Marine, was tragically killed at Camp Pendleton.

It was no mistake that God brought us together to share in life’s ups and downs. We have navigated our grief together and with our two boys, we have found ways to grow through what we have gone through. It was our vision to pay forward the kindness shown to us during some of the darkest days our lives and to give meaning to traumatic events that will never make sense to us on this side of heaven. From that vision, Webs of Grief was born. 

Where did the name Webs of Grief come from?
It was our intent to incorporate our last name into the name of the nonprofit somehow. That was done with the name Webs, but the word Webs serves a dual purpose. A spider web reminds of us of grief. The grief that follows after the death of a loved one is all consuming. You suddenly feel yourself wrapped up in the middle of it with no way out. If you let it, grief will consume you like an insect within a spider web. 


There is no escaping the heartache that results from the tragic death of a loved one, but there are ways to feel empowered and build strength amidst the heartache. If you let it, grief, like a large web, starts to captivate you. It stays with you and creates unique patterns that connect in all aspects of your life.

We hope that through Webs of Grief you will find the ‘web of grief’ not as the enemy, but as a source of strength. That the web is not meant to trap you but empower you; that the emotions from loss do not consume you, but that from the web, something filled with hope can emerge.


Webs of Grief
Where Everyone Builds Strength

Our Mission

Webs of Grief, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing therapeutic resources and facilitating healing experiences for individuals who have experienced the tragic death of a loved one.


Webs of Grief provides financial assistance to cover the cost of grief counseling and healing experiences. Webs of Grief provides this assistance regardless of the individual's financial status.

Webs of Grief seeks to serve young adults and children in the greater Rock County area who have experienced the death of an immediate family member.

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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